The Stars in Her Eyes

Mia Jofawn

Hi’ My Name is ( Mia Jofawn )

my story starts with independence’ and success. I’m a strong and know what i want in my life! Kinda of gal who doesn’t back down from a challenge easily’ There are times in’ Life where you must stand on your own two feet and except the life! God has placed before you.

My name is ( Mia ) and this is my story.

As a Photographer’ Especially one who prides himself in his work’ I wanted to capture all of Mia’s Beauty and show her just what she was getting’ her eyes were my focus as you can see close up!!! As to why her eyes were my main focus.

We Met Through Facebook, were Mia contacted me asking about doing a Photo Session.

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The Nifty Fifty

Wide apertureCompared to a kit lens that might have a maximum aperture of around 3.5 or 5.6, the 50mm has a really wide maximum aperture of f/1.8. This means it’ll be great shooting in lower-light situations and will create cinematic shallow depth of field.

8 Reasons You Should Buy 50 mm 1.8 Lens

This is a very small yet very powerful lens, and many people don’t know the tricks that you can do with this lens, so I’ll share some of them in this article.

Why should you buy it? Here are 8 different reasons.

#1. It’s affordable and cheap in price

#2. It’s very great in low light condition’s

#3: The “SLR Look”

Many people buy a DSLR because they want the look that they see in magazines or online (a very shallow depth of field) but can’t get the look that they want because they are using a kit lens. Here is the answer to your problem: a 50mm lens.

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For a small and cheap lens, it’s actually pretty sharp, and even more so when stopped down a little.

Mia Jofawn


The Tourist

A Beautiful Temptous Woman Posing in classy Fashions

****The Tourist****

An Intriguing woman posing in soft light in a sensual pose

Natural Beauty
The Tourist

A Provactive Luring Woman With Gorgeous Eyes

a beautiful tourist

a beautiful tourist

a sensational woman posing in classy fashions

a sensational woman posing in cute fashion


The Way She Smiles

This story is so much more than just beautiful images and pictures… It’s True Poetry in the making and i for one and pleased and very excited about it.

The Lovely Talented Autumn ( Princess ) Stubbs “



The Way She Smiles

Autumn is Young Talented Woman with hopes and dreams of becoming a Fashion Model One Day.. But Now She Focuses on Her School Work and Having Fun… You can see her smile is enough to charm you and brighten your day.

Smiles That Brighten Your Day Featuring Autumn Stubbs
The Fabulous Autumn Stubbs

Full Of Love & Happiness

Young and Beautiful Pawntee Enjoying a Morning Stroll As The Sun RisesEvery morning is like a new spring with this fabulous young lady right here. She is so full of dazzling life/joy/peace and happiness. Nothing to bother her and nothing turning that beautiful smile upside down. We are at it again and i;m lovin it.



A Collective Soul

Imagine Being Alone With No One Around You As If You Had the planet all to yourself. Now Imagine You feel the warmth of the sun as it embraces you as if you had someone holding you.

This is what ( Pawntee ) feel’s as she stands here in the middle of nowhere in the beauty of nature embracing her.

Subtle Glow
Embracing The Sun

In This Series I not only show you how to capture the subject but how to feel the love in your shot’s using the ( Canon EOS Mark III )



Goddess of The Crown

A True Warrior Wearing a Crown Suited To her because she has earned the right to claim what is rightfully hersIt’s not every day you get to Photograph an amazing woman/people such I have like this one. I was eagerly anticipating the day we could spend more time together so I could do more Photos of her. ( Pawntee ) a name like no other such sounded heavenly to me. When I first met her she had a vibe that I couldn’t even begin to explain. I set my eyes deep upon her like she was the one. She is so strikingly remarkable in every way that I just knew, I wanted the Photo series to never end. You Can See a lot more of her own website: http://www.clvvssy.com 

Where I will soon be discussing how to create that perfect shot with a simple camera and without all of the filter’s we use in our everyday Live’s. But for now, let us just enjoy her beauty as I do. This is just the beginning of a fabulous journey #clvvssyphotography

Every Shot Deserves To Be Seen and Every Picture is Worth Taking


Visions of a Goddess

A Gorgeous Beautiful woman next to a window displaying her reflection off the glass with a Gorgeous Smile


Portrait of an Untamed Beauty

Visions of a Goddess

Another Day of Shooting With a Beautiful Model. Portrait Pro Photographer Myron Edwards, who is a self-taught Photographer has done it again. Making the shots count and remarkable once more. See more of his work displayed here at Zenfolio

Being in a Small Town such as Coleman,Tx has it’s up’s and down’s but that doesn’t stop.


Barren Land

Barren Land.jpgFormat: JPEG
Dimensions: 4272w x 2848h
Size: 3.497M
Settings: Quality is 60, Non-Progressive, Optimized on


Back To The Basics, Because sometimes we as Photographer’s forget how to handle all we have learned. The Reason for this shot is to remind me of where i started and how much i love photography.

There’s no greater passion than this. Especially when you truly love what you do. For me it’s not just a hobby but this more like a love affair with the lens and my camera. Thank God For Grace and His Mercy. We are Blessed in more ways than we can even begin to imagine. Use your talents and spread some love for all the world to see.



Dressed In Black

A young sexy woman in provocative pose sitting on the armchair. Fashion and trendy clothes. Black leather cap, coat, and shoes. Outumn style. Interior photo.

A Gorgeous Woman In Black Fashion’s Sitting Indoors Feeling The Indulgence of Her Surroundings.



Beyond a Shades Light

Beyond a Shades Light.jpg
Slight Winds Blowing and Going, Watching the Sun just about to set, looking to my left set a beautiful yet brightly lit, colorful flower, as the winds pick up slightly I readjust my camera. One in sight, I aim click, and with just a hint of light, arises the soil from the bottom of this wonderful beautiful colorful flower. Shot this with my Canon EOS Rebel T3


The Geese of Riverside Park


IMG_0274 (2).jpg
This day on March 18, 2017 started out beautiful and warm. The sun was up shining brightly and the winds were calm. I was waiting for my clients to arrive to do a photoshoot and all the while these geese kept flocking around me. I thought to myself let’s just add them to the photoshoot. I began my day each day by trying to see the beauty in the world and everything around me that is dark. is hidden. This is how I determine how my Photoshoots will go. Shot in Brownwood,Tx at Riverside Park shot by: Me ( Myron Edwards )



Spring Is Here



2017-03-11 14.49.02
Things start to appear more clearly once spring starts to come around. Watching These bee’

s work today reminded me of how precious life truly is.




Beyond The Thicke


Adoring Nature and Sight Seeing, as I begin this journey to a place unknown I came across a newly built home sitting high on the hill where the sound of Beauty echo’d through the trees leading me to a vast beauty of Window Panes and Freshly Broken Ground.

This is a new day a new time a new story, about the Life of a Man who’s journey has just truly begun. by: Myron Edwards The C_l_v_v_s_s_y_P_h_o_t_o_g_r_a_p_h_e_r



Baby Breathe

My Focus here was not on just the shot of the flower itself but on the petals of the flowers, so i could show my viewers what to much sun would do to them if they stay in constant sunlight. They begin to fold over and hide or shield themselves from the sun. Adjusting my camera’s focus on the Petals was the main goal of this shot. As you see here, they almost look withered and dried up, but this is not the case, they are just simply shielding themselves from the sun.


Soaking Up The Sun

In Love With Light
It’s not everyday you wake up to see beautiful flowers still blooming in the middle of Autumn, but what is unique is the vibrance of colors you see when you get up closely on them. I enjoy being outdoors looking around sometimes just to see if i can spot something unique and different. It is a passion and excitement for me. I love to delve off into the unknown. If You would like to know more about the kind of Photography I do just message me or email me 1+325-726-9851 or email me @clvssandfvshion@gmail.com


Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves along the curbside of the street gathered together in a pile, letting us know that fall is truly here. We have arrived and are here to stay. It’s not that it’s so much about the leaves but about the content of watching the gravel and tar blended together in the street. Fall is often a favorite of mine which makes taking shots like this so beautiful.Fallen Leaves


Country Girl

Country Girl
Country Girl

Set in The Back Hills of Coleman,Tx Is This Stunning  Beauty who brings attention to the light. A Beautiful Bright Sunny Morning Makes Her Dazzle to Perfection in the Sunlight. Shot With My Canon Country GirlCountry Girl


The Photographer

First let me talk a little about what’s been going on with me and why i have been somewhat distance for a while.

I’ve been studying on Projects and how to better take on challenges as a Photographer.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that when you finally got it you decided that it was much more work than you realized.

Going Back to school to learn what i thought i knew and learning i don’t know it at all.

I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to understand the world around me and what it really means to be a Photographer.

The work i am doing now has brought me closer to an understanding like no other.

Let me Dazzle You In What I have truly learned.

Thank You For Listening.





Lake Panorama

Lake Panorama
The Reflections of a Serene Calm and Peaceful Lake in the early morning light. Soft Winds and a Wonderful View Makes this shot oh so spectacular to me. Shot With Canon Rebel T3 


Once Used

Once Used
This old service station used to be quite popular when i was a kid now it remains a out of service station simply because these times have changed. and more advanced stations have been brought in and kids have grown up and no longer want to work like they used. So this it what remains of it. Still intact and sits right accross the street from the Dairy Queen. To Be Seen but Unseen


Sunny Delight

Sunny Delight.jpg
I imagine the day to be bright just like the sun and beautiful as the flower. Lifting it’s head up high and reaching out to grab just a bit of light before the sun goes down. Standing and staring i see this amazing flower unfold before my eye’s. I zoom in to get the shot. The Perfect capture of beauty and nature. Here is the flower of the Sun. ©Clvvssy.Photography


My Little Nephew

Illustrations of Life

A Portrait by: myron edwards

We have a story that needs to be told’ not just one where we stand behind a camera and shoot photo’s all day. We are the eyes to the world and the world see’s what we see by looking into our our’s every time we take a photo and decide to upload.

What is your story what have you to share with the world. Some Photographer’s never hardly reveal themselve’s so we only see who they are through they;re work. I’ve been busy dealing with things in my life that has caused me to slow things down but never quitting.

Your life is an Illustration of Poetry

Test Shots With Marjorie Hill

By:Myron Edwards

Hair Flip with Marjorie Hill by Myron Edwards
Hair Flip With Marjorie Hill by Myron Edwards

In this day to day world of portraits and musings you’ll never know when your gonna find a shot that sets the tone for someone who wants to create the very shot you take. Photography is getting more and more advanced with the ever rising camera world taking its toll on the market I often ask myself. Why keep creating cameras if the market is so high now . We as photographers seldomnly ask the question as to why outdated cameras are so high still if we are so advanced now. What’s the purpose of keeping cameras that were manufactured in 1990 or later at prices so high.? I’d like to think the market on most cameras would have dropped dramatically  but guess I’m wrong somewhere or another. But let’s move on now to what is a journey for this fabulous young lady  who just wants a shot at being amazingly glamorous and fabulous.  

” Marjorie Hill ” very energetic and outgoing has the personality of a not so shy young woman who is always looking to brighten the mood and day. I can remember her saying for the first time’ you take photos of the amazing “Autumn ( Princess ) Stubbs ” and I was like yes. Every since that day ” Marjorie ” has always been trying to get a photo session in with me. 

Well tonight we made that happen for her.

In a short time I had to envision what kind of shots would work for her’ so I put something together at the last minute. She was wearing all black with a Nike headband and athletic shorts and her long hair flopping in the wind’ her parents were on scene so they were like ok. 

Like I said not a lot of time to put something together so we made it work for her.

These are the very first shots she’s ever taken in front of the camera.  

” Test Shoot W/ Marjorie Hill ” shot by “Myron Edwards” ClvvssyPhotography 

Left eye sees by Myron Edwards w/Marjorie hill
Left Eye Sees

This fuzzy b&w photograph pictured above is the eye sees all by Myron Edwards.

She was seated at the countertop at the confidence store next to her father and she wanted it to be an attention getter for her photo portfolio. Something different she said, so I created the left eye sees all. 

” When Your Passion and Life is Taking Portraits you wanna pull out all the stops in whatever portrait your about to take. I know I’ve been doing this for a few years mow and just recently started adding stories to my photography! ” Photography is more than just taken photos’ it’s a story within itself. I never said I was the best writer but I do my best. 

What I really like about Marjorie as you can see and will see is that she is easy going and fun. Her personality shows that.

Blushing and Laughter
Blushing And Laughter

You see beautiful people smiling and laughing all day long and you wanna know their secret!? 

Of course we ask ourselves what makes them laugh and smile! Well for me when I do photography I enjoy my clients smiling and laughing. It’s what turns the mood up for some amazing dazzling photographs. You never can be to certain as to what a persons mood is if you as a photographer don’t get to know your clients. So if your a Photographer I urge you to make it a point to make sure your clients are happy and pleased with your work periodt. Yes I said “Periodt” with a t on the end. Because if they are not happy your photos look like crap and you know it. 

See how she is smiling and laughing above😄 well actually she laughing because she is blushing and that is a beautiful sight to behold .



See more work at these amazing sights

These amazing eyes

Using My always on hand # Canon1100D with 50mm lens is a beginners tool for the average photographer but I always keep it close by just because I never know when moments will arise such as this.

Shot with the #Canon1100D #50mm lens  1/60sec f/1.8 Iso 320 

In natural light

As you can tell “Marjorie’s Hill” is smile says it all.focused on her eyes as she glances at the camera in a blushing manner was the perfect opportunity to make glam photo book for her.

Just to Cool

Images are ©ClvvssyPhotography by: Myron Edwards at ClvvssyPhotography

For use of any images seen here please contact.

Her cool swagger and style with these shades on says I’m boss and fearless.

Let’s hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of miss “MarjorieHill” until next time thank you for being apart of my amazing journey.

By: Myron Edwards

See My Soul

Her Eyes are Mesmerizing and Cheekbones Detailed In A Way It Brings To Your Attn Her Features Which are Flawless

Glistening Eyes


Beyond These Eyes


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